New Flying Probe Test Solution

Hampshire based CEM Esprit Electronics has extended its test capability with the installation of a new SPEA 4050IL Flying Probe that will enhance its test capability, increase capacity & improve efficiency.

Esprit Electronics is believed to be the first CEM in the UK to introduce this new ultra high-speed Flying Probe.  Coming with a cost in the region of £400,000 it will enable Esprit to offer its customers  a truly comprehensive test solution with increased speed, accuracy and reliability, minimising the cost of defects.

Through a layered test approach, the SPEA 4050IL can perform core In-Circuit test (passive & active), On-Board Programming, Power On Functional & OBP/Boundary Scan test, with Full Factory Integration. Add to this the built in AOI & exclusive 3D Laser Test capability, this acquisition enables Esprit to offer its customers a truly comprehensive range of test solutions.

The Company’s Sales Director, Russell Otter, commented: “The new machines were delivered in the Autumn and are now fully commissioned and operational.  From prototypes through to general production and high volume the Flying Probe offers a broad range of solutions to meet the most demanding test requirements” 

Esprit has implemented & continues to implement a programme of significant capital expenditure. This investment has been part of the Esprit growth story and has been driven by an increase in volumes and customer demands.  Established in 1985, Esprit provides a comprehensive range of Electronic Manufacturing Services to UK and European markets, with a reputation for developing bespoke and robust solutions.