Why Esprit

Esprit Electronics has earned a reputation for developing bespoke and robust solutions for a broad range of industry sectors. This is underpinned by Esprit’s extensive supply chain capability, first-class customer service, collaborative approach and commitment to investment in new technologies.

Why Choose Esprit?

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We work in partnership with our customers, always doing our best to provide the flexibility you need to be able to react quickly to any challenges or opportunities you face. We draw on our 35+ years of experience to thoroughly understand your requirements and provide a solution that precisely meets your needs.

We understand that quality is always at the forefront of our customers minds, and have built robust processes leveraging increased automation and utilising Key Performance Indicators, SPC and FMEA for monitoring and improving our manufacturing capability and techniques. Strong inventory management, serial number tracking, and in-process controls ensure on-going customer product compliance and satisfaction.

Esprit’s adopted workmanship acceptability standard is IPC-A-610, which works hand in hand with our training policy. All our production staff undergo continual assessment and formal training to IPC J-STD-001  both externally and in-house. We can also meet and exceed both commercial and military specifications in PCB Assembly, Rework and Repair standards IPC 7721/7711 and Conformal Coating to IPC-CC-830B.

Esprit’s methods for manufacture, storage, handling and preservation of materials meet the requirements of both BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 Electrostatic Sensitive Devices and J-STD-033, J-STD-020 for Moisture Sensitive Materials.

What Makes Us Different
Over 35 years' experience

Established in 1985, Esprit provides a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of electronic manufacturing from NPI, supply chain management and manufacture to bespoke test and supply solutions, all tailored to suit your needs.


Stability and growth

Esprit achieves stability through sustained growth which reduces business risk and makes Esprit a stable and dependable long-term partner.

NPI to volume production

Recognising the importance of time to market and time to volume, we offer our customers a complete range of NPI and rapid prototyping services through pre-production into volume manufacture and test.


We know that quality is of paramount importance which is why we adhere to strict internal processes and KPIs as well as multiple industry standards such as ISO9001:2015 and IPC-610.

Continued investment

Esprit is committed to staying at the forefront of UK electronic manufacturing and test through continued investment in capital equipment, automation, training and new technologies.

Flexibility and responsiveness

We understand how important it is to respond to your requirements, even when they change. We recently surveyed our customers and 83% of respondents would rate our responsiveness 8/10 or above, whilst 94% say Esprit demonstrate flexibility to consistently meet their needs.

UK and offshore manufacturing

Esprit offers its customers a seamless route to offshore manufacture with the security of a UK managed supply chain.

Multi-sector capability

We serve a wide range of industries meaning we have the resilience to withstand any market fluctuations as well as the expertise to meet a diversity of requirements.


We have a broad range of experience working across a number of industry verticals









Our commitment to quality and assurance