At Esprit, we provide comprehensive design support to our customers to increase efficiency in the manufacturing process and ensure a defect-free product.

What is DFM?

Design for Manufacturing or Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is the optimisation of a part, product, or component’s design, to enable the finished product to be created more efficiently, i.e. faster and at a lower cost.

What is DFT?

Design for Test (DFT) is a way of designing the integration of testability features to an end product. These features enable the application of manufacturing tests to the designed hardware. These tests are used to confirm that the finished product is defect-free.

Esprit’s extensive engineering and design for Manufacturing (DFM) & Test (DFT) capability include PCB layout, product design, software development, and where appropriate full FMEA and MTBF analysis.

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