PCB assembly

Able to meet complex design and manufacturing requirements across a wide range of demanding applications and market sectors, we offer a comprehensive PCB assembly (PCBA) capability including surface mount, thru-hole, and mixed technology.

Surface Mount Assembly

  • 01005 packages
  • BGA/uBGA
  • CSP
  • LGA
  • Forced Convection reflow
  • Intrusive Reflow (Paste-In Hole)
  • RoHS compliant process
  • AOI

Thru-Hole Assembly

  • Automated Spade Insertion
  • Flow Line Staged Insertion
  • Press Fit Connectors
  • Wave soldering
  • Selective soldering
  • RoHS compliant process
  • AOI

If you’d like to discuss your PCB assembly requirements get in touch.