Supply chain management

Built on a heritage of over 35 years we are very proud of our supply chain management success. We have developed a cohesive and strong workforce fully competent in providing first-class service and bespoke supply chain management solutions for our clients.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of working with a materials account manager from the concept stage to product realisation. Our policy is to provide as much material information as possible to the client not only during the bid and NPI processes but throughout the lifecycle of their products.

  • Product lifecycle management/obsolescence risk analysis (eliminating re-design costs)
  • Technical FAE support via our strategic suppliers
  • Value Engineering (increasing value by either improving the function or reducing the cost)
  • Standardisation
  • Analyzing potential lead-time issues (reducing time to market)

Risk Management

We maintain a sustainable portfolio of supply local, national and global supply partners enabling us to fulfill our client’s requirements and provide resilience mitigating against disruptions in supply. Risk management is always a key consideration and we therefore analyse, assess, and where necessary apply contingencies against the risk of every eventuality.

Custom-built Supply Chain Solutions

Each supply chain solution is tailored to meet your requirements and may bring into consideration:

  • Forecast and Demand Fluctuation Management
  • Agreed minimum and maximum materials liability
  • Lead time reduction
  • Systemised inventory control
  • Consignment stocking
  • VMI
  • Kanban
  • Buffer stocking
  • Thorough vendor selection, audit processes, and performance monitoring
  • Production kitting
  • Delivery consolidations

Minimum liability and maximum flexibility

Esprit’s supply chain team relishes the significant part we play in the overall success of our business and are committed to maintaining the excellent service we have become known for throughout the industry. As a team, we strive to follow the principles of Continuous Improvement with a consistent approach towards the use of best practice procedures.