New High Speed Surface Mount Line Set To Increase Capacity By 50%.

2x Yamaha I-pulse S20 Surface Mount Machines

Hampshire based CEM Esprit Electronics has increased its surface mount capacity by a further 50% following the installation of a new surface mount production line which it believes will be one of the fastest in the UK.

The line, which cost in the region of £350,000 is made up of two Yamaha I-pulse S20 machines, together with associated printer, conveyers, reflow and up/off loaders.

Esprit Electronics is one of the first CEM’s in the UK to introduce the new machines, which will provide higher throughput and address the increasing need for faster cycle times, ultra-large PCB handling capabilities and higher placement rates.

The firms Sales Director, Russell Otter, commented: “We know that there is a demand for fast, efficient and accurate SMT machines that are capable of high volume. The investment in these new highly flexible S20’s, which are each capable of 32,000 CPH means that we are now able to offer some of the quickest cycle times and placement rates in UK.”

The new machines were delivered last year and are now fully commissioned. The Company now has seven surface mount machines across four production lines giving us a total surface mount capacity nudging 200,000 CPH.

The significant capital expenditure over the last few years has been part of the Esprit growth story and has been driven by an increase in volumes and customer demand.

Established in 1985, Esprit provides a comprehensive range of Electronic Manufacturing Services to UK and European markets, with a reputation for developing bespoke and robust solutions.