General Electronics Assembly Expansion Driven By Changing Dynamics

Hampshire based EMS provider, Esprit Electronics is forecasting strong general electronics assembly growth in 2016. Sales Director, Russell Otter, explains why he is confident that investment in new general electronics assembly facilities will pay off next year.

We have witnessed a significant increase in demand for general electronics assembly work over the last 18-months and this was one of the key drivers behind our investment decision.

In 2015, we finished the third phase of development of our Swanwick facility which included the addition of an 1800 square feet purpose built general assembly area.

Primarily, there were two key drivers behind the move; an increase in customer demand and changing market dynamics.

There has been an upward trend in enquiries regarding our general electronics assembly capabilities driven primarily by customers looking to outsource and reduce costs, but increasingly also through a desire to consolidate their vendor base.

Reducing your vendor base can produce significant savings not only financially, but also through efficiencies. Reducing the number of parties in the supply chain also reduces risk. However, we are often surprised to hear how many companies are unwilling to pick up a customers established supply chain. We feel by doing this we maintain our brand values of first class customer service, quality and reliability.

At Esprit we provide a broad range of general electronics assembly and complete ‘box build’ solutions including full chassis build, sourcing of metalwork and castings, cable assembly and plastic injection mouldings.

Our client base is diverse and ranges from building controls to sophisticated security and communications equipment and we are proud to build the technology that sits behind the security hub in the Houses of Parliament.

Esprit Electronics is based in Hamble-Le-Rice on the south coast of England and provides an extensive range of contract electronic manufacturing services.