Featured in Electronics Sourcing, March 2015

Investment continues at Esprit Electronics with the refurbishment and more significantly, expansion, of Esprit’s Swanwick facility.

Account manager, Russell Otter, explained: “For us, 2014 was all about investment in expansion as we not only looked to secure the opportunities in front of us but also to consolidate and develop the gains made in 2013.

“After 12 months of work, we’re now coming to the end of phase three of the redevelopment of our Swanwick facility. Most importantly, we’ve added 1,800 square feet of manufacturing floor space primarily to support and enhance our general assembly and box build capabilities as we look to secure opportunities and grow this area of our business. The office areas have also been gutted, reconfigured and refurbished, including the addition of a new conferencing facility.”

New capabilities

Allied to this expansion comes investment in capital equipment, the most significant being the addition of a Cencorp BR1000 PCB router and Kolb PSB500-H50 PCB cleaner.

Russell continued: “We’d been considering an auto-router for some time as a means of improving process efficiency and quality but recently, with the growth we’ve seen in both diversity and volume of product, this investment has become a necessity.

“The introduction of the PCB cleaner was driven by some specific customer requirements regarding PCB assembly cleanliness and demonstrates a key Esprit philosophy; where there’s a need, we’re always willing and able to invest in order to support our customers.”